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2024 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE -Don't miss the once-in-a- generation Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024.The next total solar eclipse viewable in the USA won't take place until August 23rd,2044. Gather your family,friends and Glasses and prepare to be amazed as the moon passes in front of the sun, completely blocking it from view during Totality,which lasts but mere minutes. 

Plastic Frame Design:

These plastic frame solar eclipse glasses in family kit are sturdy designs to wrap onto most prescription glasses, so the myope people can be relax and view awe-inspiring solar can share the eclipse with your family or friends friendly.

Safety First:

Safety is essential to view the eclipse.As a manufacturer Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co.,Ltd., our eclipse glasses' filter material is imported from USA. 

Buy Now Before They Sell Out:

We created a limited run of these viewers and once they sellout they will be gone forever. Don't wait until last minute and be stuck purchasing from hawking vendors selling dear knockoffs that don't truly protect your eves. You are expected to be a witness of the "must see" historical event and you don't want to ruin your eyes with bad glasses.

Armed by CE and ISO Certified:

Tested to meet the international standard, Our eclipse glasses have been independently tested and verified by USA leading ICS Laboratories under the most current standard ISO 12312- 2:2015(E) for filters to view the sun directly.You can watch the annular or total solar eclipse with absolute confidence on your eyes' safety.

solar eclipse glasses Safe Solar Observation:

These certified safe shades are designed for direct solar viewing. Our solar eclipse glasses are perfect for observing eclipses, sunspots, and planetary transits.

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