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✨✨✨Frameless reading glasses, be your personal eye guard✨✨✨ 
We've decided to produce our collection from the high-grade Japanese Titanium used in aerospace technology as it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. This also means our glasses only weigh 17.05 grams. You can wear them for hours and forget you have them on.

Fashion-forward Design: Stay ahead of the curve with our Stylish Square Frame Comfort Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. The sleek and modern square frame design adds a touch of sophistication to any look, making them a fashionable accessory for everyday wear.

Texture and Detail: Crafted with attention to detail, these glasses boast impeccable quality and luxurious texture. From the smooth finish of the frame to the comfortable fit, every aspect of our glasses is designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Durability: Built to last, our Stylish Square Frame Comfort Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting durability. Whether you're wearing them for work or leisure, you can trust that these glasses will withstand daily wear and tear.

Blue Light Blocking Lenses: Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light with our advanced blue light blocking lenses. Designed to filter out blue light emitted by digital screens, these lenses help reduce eye strain and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy extended periods of screen time with ease.

Intelligent zoom reading mirror: The progressive lens has no obvious dividing line between the focal points, smooth and no image jumping, no need to remove the glasses, moving the line of sight from top to bottom, you can see the far and near and the different visual areas of the lens. Things in different distances in the middle.

Suitable for a variety of occasions: anti-blue light progressive multifocal glasses for indoor or outdoor, all-weather wear, for people with presbyopia problems, especially when reading books, newspapers, watching TV, playing games, traveling, gathering, fishing, this is A thoughtful and practical helper

Progressive reading glasses and Traditional reading glasses contrast: 

This lens is great for general use as well as many outdoor activities - they can protect the eyes in very little light  and sharp vision (inside or pre dawn) through to the sunniest of conditions.
Anti-wear, anti-drop, lens light, resin HD, optimized thickness design, light weight, ultra-thin, sturdy, scratch-resistant, waterproof and oil-proof, providing you with more reliable safety protection
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